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A trusted bankruptcy partner for creditors since 2009

With its exclusive focus on bankruptcy debt, Atlas Acquisitions has been a trusted bankruptcy partner to creditors of all sizes since 2009.  Our company understands the intricacies of bankruptcy compliance so that you can focus on your business.  We have worked with every bankruptcy court and trustee around the country to ensure that our process meets their specific requirements.

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Areas of Experience

Chapters 7, 11, and 13

Atlas has the expertise to purchase both consumer and commercial debt that is involved in any chapter of bankruptcy.  Our years of experience and industry contacts allow us to operate in any bankruptcy environment across the country.

secured and unsecured

No matter what the underlying source of the debt that is in bankruptcy, Atlas can quickly evaluate its worth and make a fair offer for purchase.  Atlas has purchased nearly every debt type in bankruptcy, from mortgage, auto and tax, to credit card, lease to own, and installment loans.

issuers, debt buyers and claim holders

Whether you are a credit issuer, large or small debt buyer or an individual or professional holding a claim in bankruptcy, Atlas can purchase your rights in the case, thus relieving you of the burdens of the bankruptcy and the delay in recovery.


It may be stated, that the general object of all bankrupt and insolvent laws is, on the one hand, to secure to creditors an appropriation of the property of their debtors pro tanto to the discharge of their debts, whenever the latter are unable to discharge the whole amount; and, on the other hand, to relieve unfortunate and honest debtors from perpetual bondage to their creditors, either in the shape of unlimited imprisonment to coerce payment of their debts, or of an absolute right to appropriate and monopolize all their future earnings.
— Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution 3:§§ 1100--10


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